About us


Founded in 2016 by Florence Acquah in Accra, Ghana, Sima Naturals through its management is now one of the fastest-growing companies (brand) in Africa, and producers of 100% quality guaranteed natural and organic hair products.

For the past years, we have shown tremendous dedication and consistency in producing one of the safest, finest, high quality products on the market. Our products and feedbacks from our lovely Queens speak for us.

Why Choose Us

We have sourced the best natural and organic ingredients from our own land in the production of these products to help you achieve moisturized, long, manageable, beautiful healthy hair. We believe to achieved your desired hair goal, you need yourself to start the journey, that is why “We are dedicated to helping you achieve your health and beauty goals by educating and providing you with highly effective solutions. Our products are non- toxic and free from sulfates, parabens, lanolin, mineral oil, paraffin and other harmful chemicals. Each product is handcrafted with love and with you in mind.

We are looking into the future in formulating other products for the entire body and also to make sure each product has something unique that makes it different on the market.

  • Enriched with ingredients and vitamins

  • Great and result oriented

  • Natural hair growers choice

  • Hair growth and retention

  • No.1 hair care solution for all hair needs.